QS Outsourcing Advantages

As an Outsourcing QS service provider we recognize deficiencies in project documentation and contribute significantly to mitigate major problems by way of conflicting, impractical, unclear, missing, late or incorrect information.

As outsourcing QS Consultants we not only measure & Valuate material quantities but check back with design specification in order to measure accurately and thus adding value to the customers.

Advantages working with us:

  1. Competent Pricing
    • Our business model is similar to well proven and hugely successful outsourcing model in IT industry worldwide.
    • Though Outsourcing model is established in construction industry, the distinct advantage we have is the Human Resource availability and the running costs we spent on our professional work force is far less when compared to our competitors..
    • The main reason behind this is we are based in India and we do outsourcing works for our clients worldwide. Our pricing is very economical to our clients when compared to our competitors who are based in the same country as our clients.

  2. Quality Assurance& Peace of Mind
    • Our highly dedicated and experienced team will ensure an accurate Estimation of works which helps in successful tendering, financial planning and running projects efficiently. To achieve the high quality standards we at MSK formulated a structure which involves a series of checks at various levels before submitting the work to the clients. Internal Deadlines will be given to each project keeping in mind the clients deadline for submission. This will reduce and minimize the errors and hence increases the accuracy and quality in our work.
    • A complete data base is maintained for each project and clients which can be used as a future reference for tendering, costing and estimations. Also this data base can be used as a benchmark for future projects which can reduce a lot of time for the client while tendering for projects.